Board of Trustees

Fisk University
Board of Trustees

Fisk University is a cornerstone of excellence and is marked by its resilience and molded by its unyielding commitment to educate and produce some of the world's best scholars, leaders, and world-changers.

Board of Trustees provides effective oversight and strategy in concert with the president to steward a vibrant and progressive future for the campus. This structure provides for a clear, definitive, and orderly form of governance that is a best practice among institutions of higher education.

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Marcus Cosby
David Crabtree
 Frank Garrison
 Jolinda Herring
Lela Wingard Hughes
Callie Khouri
 Katie Marchetti
Samuel McKenzie
Roland Parrish
 Juliette Pryor, Board Chair
Surendra Ramanna
Ronald Safer
Kim Seymour
Nzinga Shaw
Janine Smith
Edward Zimmerman


Barbara Bowles
Mike Curb
Leatrice McKissack
 Patricia Meadows
 Robert Norton
Benjamin Rechter
Cal Turner, Jr.